Training Considerations

Fundamentals for the Facilitator - 

Sample Training Structure:

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  • The New Celebratory Leadership DVD, featuring Dewitt Jones' original "Celebrate What's Right with the World" film and two additional "short" features that align with the Celebratory Leadership Framework. (Valued at $1100 when purchased separately!)
  • The Celebratory Leadership Fundamentals for Implementation Guide that includes resources for school surveys, classroom and school-wide activities, tools to assist when applying for Title I or Title II funding and more!
  • "How to" integration activities for immediate use in schools.
  • Introduction and application of the Generative Leadership Hallmarks and Operational Indicators.
  • Templates to support applying for Title I / Title II funding.
  • Your Trainers: Karl Klimek * Barb Klimek 
  • Special live interaction (via Skype) with Dewitt Jones! (If available)

At Celebratory Leadership, we train the trainer. Those professionals involved in the development of school improvement plans and leading efforts to positively impact school climate and culture are welcome.  Classroom teachers (inidivduals and teams) are also perfect for our training.  

We offer:

Fundamentals for the Facilitators -- (One and one-half days)
This initial experience brings together the visionaries and progressive leaders who will introduce Celebratory Leadership to their schools.  Each participant will discover the impact this program has on students and adults alike, and will leave with the tools and understanding to initiate the practice of Celebratory Leadership in their schools.

Intensive Program Design -- (Three full days)
For those ready to utilize the Celebratory Leadership framework and create a customized implemetation plan for your schools, this training is more "workshop-like" as our team of experts will help you develop an actual working strategy that can be utilized for your specific location.

On-site Program Development --
We can come to you!  If you have a staff that is ready to go, or if you want to host a Fundamentals or Intensive training program for your region, that can happen! Simply contact us and the planning can begin

Coaching --
Our team offers coaching for teams...on site...via telephone conference...or by using video conference (Skype).  Our intent is to support the implementation of Celebratory Leadership through personal and innovative engagement.

Youth Leadership Development --
The complex framework of Celebratory Leadership is tapped for specific elements that support students wanting to better their leadership skills.

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